In which George and John agree about love, and disagree about God.

Track Listing:

I Dig Love (George)
“[Harrison biographer] Elliot Huntley views the track as ‘a rather scantily clad four-chord throwaway’ and ‘the closest thing to filler on the entire album.’ Recognising the need for ‘a little light relief,’ Huntley concludes: ‘“I Dig Love” can best be described as audacious songwriting, believing that everything will work out in the studio. And the song succeeds almost despite itself.’” —Wikipedia

Love (John)
Question for the day: Does knowing that the delicate, lovely piano part on this song is played by psychopath and convicted murderer Phil Spector make it harder to appreciate?

Hear Me Lord (George)
“On 6 January 1969, the third day of the Beatles’ filmed rehearsals at Twickenham, Harrison presented [‘Hear Me Lord’] to his bandmates, announcing that he had written it over the weekend. Like ‘Let It Down,’ ‘Isn’t It a Pity’ and other compositions of his around this time, it was met with little enthusiasm from the group’s principal songwriters, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The band barely rehearsed ‘Hear Me Lord’ that day, during which Harrison and McCartney engaged in an on-camera argument culminating in Harrison’s resigned comment ‘Whatever it is that will please you, I’ll do it.’” —Wikipedia

God (John)
In the alternate timeline I’m conjuring here, one last album was released under the Beatles name in 1970 before the breakup was made public. Since there’s no McCartney in this universe, there’s no press release where Paul announces his departure; but it would have been hard for them to maintain the fiction of still being a band after people heard “God.” It would have been pretty dramatic to have John announce that “the dream is over” in the middle of a Beatles album.

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