John and Yoko had given a bunch of interviews on the 18th, most of which can be safely skipped over, but there’s one stray detail I wanted to share. While talking to WABC radio John “mentioned that he had a fake fur coat made out of human hair, which resembled ‘hundreds of Yoko’s heads.’ ” Think about that for a second. Then try to stop thinking about it.

Today they were interviewed by Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan, author of Understanding Media and The Medium Is the Massage. Truly a meeting of the minds, or at least the heads. You can read a transcript here. There are also two clips on YouTube, but they do not match anything in the transcript; they may in fact be of a different, later encounter between the three. They are also weirdly chopped up and repeated. Res ipsa loquitor:

My favorite part:

McLuhan: Your music is not the frustrated kind. [sic] Do you think of your music, is it related to the frustrations of mankind, or to the contentments?

Lennon: The net result is contentment… but we get rid of frustrations through the music, obviously…. The Beatles and their ilk were created by the vacuum of non-conscription for the army. When I was still 16 I was looking forward to hiding in Ireland, because they still had conscription. And then it was all over, I just missed it…. From then on the whole music thing burst out. We just knew we were the army that never was. We were the generation that was allowed to live, and the music came out of that.

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