The Magic Christian had its world premiere in London today. Peter Sellers and Ringo, stars of the film, were there, as were Ringo’s wife Maureen; Sellers’ ex-wife Britt Ekland; John and Yoko; Yul Brynner; Christopher Lee; and no less a personage than Princess Margaret, whom I’m viewing in a whole new light since watching the first two seasons of The Crown.

In the course I research I came across this paragraph on

David once again gatecrashed a Beatles-related film, which starred Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers. In the foyer before the movie began, David chatted with John and Yoko, who were both dressed in black capes and “Hanratty Is Innocent” banners in support of James Hanratty, who was convicted for the infamous 1962 A1 murders. However John took the trouble to sign an amazing autograph on David’s premiere programme, right underneath Lord Snowdon’s photo portrait of Princess Margaret!

And for one breathless moment I thought that David Bowie had turned up at the premiere, right on the cusp of the end of the Beatles Decade and the beginning of the Bowie decade. But alas, the “David” in question was David Stark, the same young fan who had swiped Mick Jagger’s seat at the Yellow Submarine premiere in July 1968. One wonders if he found the vibe a bit different this time around, with end-of-the-decade ennui setting in, or if he was still the same excited kid.

I saw The Magic Christian some years ago, but I don’t remember it very well; it’s that kind of movie. But I suppose in the interest of scholarship I should watch it again. Full report tomorrow.

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