There were more Ringo sessions on these days, and I while I don’t necessarily want to get too deep into this topic — it’s only one Beatle (unless you count George Martin, who was producing), and not his best work at that — there’s not much else going on during this period, so let’s have a look.

On the 6th Ringo recorded a version of “Stormy Weather” that would end up being deleted from the album. I could only find this two-minute excerpt, but it’s enough — it’s so middle-of-the-road and straight that it somehow comes out the other side and ends up sounding bizarre and psychedelic.

The next day he tackled an arrangement of “Stardust” that Paul had created for him — so at least we have two Beatles involved here. But the results are less than scintillating. Listening to this, you can begin to hear why a critic might have called Sentimental Journey “A gawky, badly sung, overly sentimental selection of moribund mambos.”

No disrespect to Ringo, who you know I love. But it’s hard to imagine that this is the best vocal performance they could get out of him. It seems more likely that George Martin had dinner reservations that evening, and at some point threw up his hands and said, “Sod it, that’s good enough. Cut. Print. Moving on.”

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