Paul was in the studio today with Mary Hopkin, working on a version of the golden oldie “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be).” This is not especially important or interesting, and I would probably skip it entirely if not for the fact that Hopkin’s memories of the session are pretty funny.

At the time, it was just one of Paul’s fun ideas. It was one sunny afternoon, we were sitting in Paul’s garden, and he said, “Do you like this song?” I said, “Well, I used to sing it when I was three!” And he said, “My dad likes it, let’s go and do it.” And so Ringo came along; it was all done in an afternoon. I was sort of swept along with Paul’s enthusiasm, really.

By the time I was halfway through the backing vocals, I said, “This is awful.”

Apparently tiring of Paul’s imperious svengali-ing, Hopkin asked that “Que Sera, Sera” be shitcanned, and she sort of got her wish; it was never released in the UK, but did come out in France and the U.S., where it became a minor hit. Is it really that bad? You can judge for yourself:

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