More work today on “Here Comes the Sun,” with George and Paul adding lead and backing vocals, respectively. After that a reduction mix was made, reducing the eight recorded tracks to two and freeing up space for further overdubs. But though he would soon return from his disastrous Scottish holiday, John would make no contribution to this song.

It’s curious how inter-Beatles alliances worked during this time. On the business end of things, it was clearly John, George, and Ringo — the three who had voted to hire Allen Klein as manager — on the one side, versus Paul on the other. But creatively and personally, Paul, George, and Ringo seemed to get on well in the absence of John and his conjoined twin. The terrible two would be back soon enough, though, and things would get back to dysfunctional normal.

And by the way, the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get that no Beatles music was included on the Golden Record. No Louis Armstrong either; actually nothing from New Orleans at all, which seems like a big mistake. And of course everything recorded after 1977 is right out — a version made today would have to include some rap, at least, given the global scope of the genre.

In fact making the playlist for the next interstellar probe sounds like a fun activity, but one more appropriate for a different context. I’ll table the idea for now, but would love to hear your thoughts in the meantime.

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