The 4th of July is not a holiday in England, of course, so the staff at Abbey Road did not get the day off. But it doesn’t sound like much got accomplished; says The Beatles Bible,

The only music recorded on this day was an overdub onto Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight… The nature of the overdub is unclear.

Adds Mark Lewisohn (The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions),

Also committed to the Beatles’ tape on this day was a goodly portion of the live BBC Radio 2 broadcast of Britain’s Ann Jones winning the Wimbledon Ladies’ tennis championship, beating Billie-Jean King in a 71-minute three-setter.1

“We were sitting there listening to the final before the Beatles came in ,” recalls Dave Harries, technical engineer. “We had it coming in through the mixing console. Then they came in and we thought, ‘Oh blimey, that’s it,’ especially when they pulled faces and went ‘Uggghhh.’ But they said we could carry on listening for a while and then, a few minutes later, one of them asked how Ann Jones was getting on, so we put it through on the studio speakers so that they could listen too!”

Also today, “Give Peace a Chance” was released as a single in the UK. Though it was billed as a Plastic Ono Band record, John honored the longstanding agreement by giving Paul a writing credit — despite the fact that Paul had been on a different continent when the song was conceived and recorded.2(Later re-releases of the song credited Lennon only.)

The B-side was called “Remember Love,” and sounded something like this:

And that is all for today… please carry on with celebrating whatever seems worth celebrating at the moment.

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