Due to poor scholarship, I was unaware until just now that while John was driving his car into a ditch in Scotland, Paul was at Abbey Road with George Martin working on “You Never Give Me Your Money.” Somewhere in the course of recent days, Paul had phoned Mr. Martin and asked if he would produce the next Beatles album, which everyone sensed would be their last. His response:

Yes, if I am really allowed to produce it. If I have to go back and accept a lot of instructions which I don’t like I won’t do it.

Paul apparently agreed to these conditions, as George M. was in the producer’s chair today. It’s not clear if Paul had worked this out in advance with the other Beatles, or if he was just taking advantage of being the first to return from summer vacation; he was alone in the studio today as he recorded vocals for “Money.” But regardless, it worked out. With Martin’s help The Beatles were able to actually make and finish an album, a stark contrast to the “Get Back/Let It Be” debacle.

There will be more to say on the subject of Abbey down the road, so over and out for now.

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