After the Montreal Bed-In John and Yoko had slowed down their media blitz a bit, but they took time today to film an appearance for David Frost’s eponymous TV show. Frost was something of a titan in broadcasting, and the Ono Lennons were not going to pass up a chance to use his platform to amplify their message.

David Frost launched his TV career in 1962 as the host of the satirical news show That Was the Week That Was, a.k.a. TW3. The show was very popular but Frost was not loved by everyone, as this passage from his Wikipedia page demonstrates:

The involvement of Frost in TW3 led to an intensification of the rivalry with Peter Cook who accused him of stealing material and dubbed Frost “the bubonic plagiarist….” Frost visited the U.S. during the break between the two series of TW3 in the summer of 1963 and stayed with the producer of the New York City production of Beyond the Fringe. Frost was unable to swim, but still jumped into the pool, and nearly drowned until he was saved by Peter Cook. At the memorial service for Cook in 1995, Alan Bennett recalled that rescuing Frost was the one regret Cook frequently expressed.

After TW3 Frost hosted several other shows, one of which give a big break to a young comedian named John Cleese. As the years passed Frost gradually crossed over from comedy to the mainstream; he was sort of the Jon Stewart of his day. Eventually he interviewed everyone from Muhammad Ali and the Shah of Iran to Tennessee Williams and, most famously, Richard Nixon. Frost’s series of five 90-minute interviews with Nixon, which were syndicated around the world in 1977, were considered must-watch TV at the time and were later dramatized in the play and movie Frost/Nixon.

Meanwhile, back in 1969, John and Yoko found Frost a more sympathetic interlocutor than most. Says The Beatles Bible,

Helped by Frost, Lennon and Ono began by throwing acorns into the audience; Lennon proclaimed it “acorns for peace week.” He also held aloft a copy of Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions, and wished the Queen a happy birthday.

Not to be outdone, Ono gave Frost a “box of smile.” Upon opening it, the host found a small mirror inside, designed to reflect back his own smile.

The rest of the interview was the usual mixture of love, peace, Bagism, and art theory. Quite frankly I’m over it; TBB has a blow-by-blow if you want one. The weekend beckons, and I shan’t take up another minute of your time.

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