Today there was another Beatles session at Olympic Studios, during which Paul introduced a new composition. A thinly veiled dig at new Beatles manager Allen Klein — whose tenure Paul later characterized as “no money, just funny paper, all promises, and it never works out” — “You Never Give Me Your Money” was the first piece to be recorded for what would eventually become the epic medley on Side 2 of Abbey Road.

After 36 takes, it sounded something like this:

At this point, after a long period of chaos and discord, things finally seemed to be clicking for The Beatles again. George Martin and Geoff Emerick were back on board; George Harrison was on a songwriting roll, with “Old Brown Shoe” and “Something” in the can and “Here Comes the Sun” in his hip pocket; John had recently written “Because” and told the NME,

If I could only get the time to myself… I think I could probably write about thirty songs a day. As it is, I probably average about 12 a night. Paul too… he’s mad on it.

Flush as they were with that most precious of creative resources, momentum, The Beatles then promptly and perversely took almost two months off. Their next recording session would not be until July 1. There will be things to discuss in the interim, of course. There will also quiet time before we head into the last great creative run in Beatles history. Plan your summer accordingly.

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