The Beatles worked on two, very different, songs today. First George added a guitar solo to what would become the single version of “Let It Be”:

With that real work out of the way, they smoked a big spliff (I’m guessing) and were inspired to revisit longtime pet project “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)” — last heard from back in June 1967. John and Paul shared a microphone to add vocal parts, says The Beatles Bible.

The vocals included Lennon’s nightclub MC, McCartney’s crooner Denis O’Bell, ska-styled staccato, Pythonesque falsetto, mumbling and other sounds.

More effects were added to track four, including audience ambience and applause, and the sound of Beatles assistant Mal Evans running a spade through a heap of gravel.

A big bear of a man, Mal Evans was often called on for heavy lifting like this; he would soon find himself playing an anvil on “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.”

Although “You Know My Name” seems to have been intended mainly for The Beatles’ own amusement, it did get officially released, as the B-side of “Let It Be.” We have been through this before, but “You Know My Name” is always worth another listen.

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