The main Beatle action during this time was not musical but on the business front, which I tend to find less interesting. Let’s go ahead and check in anyway, just to keep the ol’ blog limber.

Today Allen Klein was officially named The Beatles’ manager, though Paul’s future in-laws the Eastmans remained in the picture as advisers. Paul was not happy with the situation — his belief was that decisions should be made by consensus, as they generally had in the past, rather than by majority vote:

In The Beatles, if anyone didn’t agree with a plan, it was always vetoed. It was very democratic that way, so the three-to-one situation was very awkward and as a result “things” would happen.

On that vague and ominous note, let us conclude for now. Looking forward, Beatle news will be sparse for a while, then spike during the Abbey Road sessions, and after that who knows? I think it’s for the best that the future, even the long-past future, should remain a bit murky.

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