When George sat down with John, Paul, and Ringo today to negotiate the future of The Beatles, he was, for once, holding all the cards. The band simply didn’t work as a trio and the other three, despite everything, were keen to carry on.

After a long discussion it was decided that a) there would be no performance before a live audience, though George left the door open for an on-camera performance; and b) the sessions would be moved from Twickenham to the new recording studio Magic Alex had set up in the basement of Apple HQ on Savile Row.

Neither of these things would work out exactly as planned, for reasons that we will see soon enough. But we can take heart that The Beatles were able to work through their differences and find a way to move forward. Would that certain others could do the same.

One quick historical note: Richard Nixon would be inaugurated as President of the United States five days from now, on January 20, 1969. Make of that what you will.

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