At this point basic tracks had been recorded for almost every song that would appear on the White Album (all except John’s “Julia”). Now it was just a matter of overdubbing and mixing, which would take place in a flurry of activity over the following week. On today’s agenda:

  • String sessions for “Glass Onion” and “Piggies”
  • Overdubs for “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road”: vocals, bass, and guitar by Paul, and drums by Ringo
  • Mono mixes of “Rocky Raccoon” and “Long Long Long,” and mono and stereo mixes of “Glass Onion”

Almost a year and a half out from The Beatles’ last proper album, it was well past time to wrap things up. The suits needed some fresh product; the boys were ready to share their new stuff with the public; and the staff had had about all they could take. As Bela Lugosi might have said, “Let’s shoot this fucker!”

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