There was a Beatles session today at which Paul added backing vocals to “Long Long Long,” then decamped to Studio One with engineer Ken Townsend and recorded several solo takes of “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road.” At this point Paul’s increasing penchant for doing it all himself was beginning to rankle some of the other Beatles; in the end Ringo was the only other one who would appear on “WDWDIITR.” (Note to self: Possible vanity plate?)

John was off somewhere celebrating his 28th birthday, but no information seems to exist about how he did so. I’m sure Yoko was involved, and possibly heroin. Anyway, happy birthday wishes go out to John, wherever he may be. Also to Sean Ono Lennon, born this day in 1975.

It’s a little bit magical that they were born on the same day. I have a mental image of John serenading his young son: “I hear it’s your birthday; it’s my birthday, too.” Which probably never happened, as John thought that “Birthday” was a “piece of garbage.” But it’s a nice thought nonetheless.

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