Today the “Hey Jude/Revolution” single was released in the U.S., and 50 years later you can still hear the echoes of the sighs of relief from Capitol Records execs.1Finally, there was some new product to flog; and though the A-side was an ungainly seven minutes long, it had “big seller” written all over it.

As a confirmed cynic, I am unqualified to write without prejudice about “Hey Jude.” So I’d like to cede my time to the less jaundiced Rob Sheffield, whose current piece in Rolling Stone is beautifully written and full of nifty tidbits.

After reading it I watched the video again and damned if I didn’t get a little misty about the time the coda kicked in. But I’m still a cynic — make no mistake about that. I just had a weak moment. This too shall pass.

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