As George and Pattie Harrison were winging their way back from Greece today, the other three Beatles managed to be in the same room together long enough to put the finishing touches on “Sexy Sadie.” John double-tracked his lead vocal, Paul added organ and bass, and Ringo overdubbed tambourine. George may have arrived at some point in the session, which dragged on for more than 12 hours, but doesn’t seem to have actually contributed anything.

At this (brief) moment of relative peace in Pepperland, let’s zoom out a little and see what was happening out in the big wide world:

  • The Soviet Union had just invaded Czechoslovakia.
  • In Chicago Democrats had begun to gather for a convention that would turn into a bloodbath.
  • The Nigerian civil war was raging.

Yikes. As the Temptations would later put it, the world was a ball of confusion; but at least The Beatles’ new song was a gas.

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