George continued to hammer away at “Not Guilty,” though I think he was beginning to get the idea it was going nowhere. Today he decided to rerecord the lead vocal, this time with a setup similar to the way he’d done his guitar solo a few days previously. According to engineer Ken Scott,

George had this idea that he wanted to do it in the control room with the speakers blasting, so that he got more of an on-stage feel. So we had to monitor through headphones, setting the monitor speakers at a level where he felt comfortable and it wouldn’t completely blast out his vocal. I remember that John Lennon came in at one point and I turned to him and said “Bloody hell, the way you lot are carrying on you’ll be wanting to record everything in the room next door!”

As it turned out, John liked that idea, and would request that “Yer Blues” be recorded in the tiny tape room adjacent to the studio. But that’s an item for tomorrow. Today, John and Yoko attended a fashion show, possibly just to make snarky comments; look for John making Marty Feldman eyes at 0:12:

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