Another new song today, this time one of John’s — the one he had started just as he and George were leaving Rishikesh. 21 takes were attempted amongst the usual bickering and a fair amount of clowning around. John improvised a couple of alternative lyrics, including one about Brian Epstein and one that began “Sexy Sadie, you little twat” and just got worse from there. According to Mark Lewisohn, there was also a “six-minute instrumental jam of George Gershwin’s ‘Summertime.’ ”

Take 6 appeared on Anthology 3. It is not so terribly different from the album version, though conspicuously lacking the bassline and thus the funky undertone.

Toward the end of the session Yoko was heard to suggest that The Beatles could do the song better. And she was not wrong, just… well, you know.

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