Today The Beatles began recording in earnest for the new, loud version of “Revolution.” But according to Geoff Emerick’s Here, There and Everywhere, John was continually dissatisfied with his guitar sound:

Ever since we’d first started work on the White Album, John had wanted to play louder and louder — he kept winding his guitar amp full up, but there were acoustic limitations as to how loud you could play and still capture the sound before it turned into a mess, leaking into everything and becoming all muddy. He didn’t understand that, no matter how many times I tried to explain it to him, so he just became more and more frustrated and angry. Making things worse was the fact that, behind the scenes, Magic Alex was telling him that he would be able to play as loud as he wanted, without restriction, in the new studio he was building for them.

And there’s Magic Alex again, stirring up trouble. That technological utopia that he was promising would, of course, never come to pass. When he did finally build the studio The Beatles had given him more than half a million dollars for, it would be described as “bits of wood and an old oscilloscope.”

As it happens, Lennon had agreed to serve as best man at Alex’s wedding — scheduled for tomorrow, July 11. More on that at the appropriate time.

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