Believe it or not, today Paul wanted to start “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” over yet again. And the other Beatles actually went along with him, recording two takes before it became apparent the new version was going nowhere.

After that they went back to yesterday’s reduction mix and added vocals. This was where Paul inadvertently transposed the names “Desmond” and “Molly” during one of the takes. John and George thought it added a needed note of ambiguity to the song and convinced him to keep it.

And so much for “Ob-La-Di.” If it all possible, I shall try not to mention it again.

Also today, the band started work on a new version of “Revolution.” John wanted his song to be the next single, but the others thought that it was too slow for that purpose. So John came up with an idea for a faster, louder arrangement, and this was what the band played around with today.

In the end, this version of “Revolution” would be superseded by the obvious commercial slam dunk “Hey Jude,” and relegated to the B-side. Just the latest of many John songs to suffer the indignity of playing second fiddle to one of Paul’s crowd-pleasers. But that was later; today, I think, they had a good time making some noise.

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