This was Paul and Linda’s first full day as a couple. Says Tony Bramwell,

Crowds of fans were milling in and around the main entrance, lobby and grounds, while Paul and Linda were still in bed making love. Finally, to thank them all for coming, Paul got up and sat on the steps of the bungalow, playing his guitar and singing to them – I think it was “Blackbird” – while Linda kept quietly in the background, not wanting to be seen.

There were still complications that would need to be dealt with; for one thing, Paul was still engaged to Jane Asher. But the die had been cast.

Later in the day, adds Bramwell,

All kinds of music people started to drop by, like Roger McGuinn from the Byrds. Boyce and Hart, the songwriters for the Monkees, telephoned to invite us to one of their notorious toga parties, a Hollywood version of a Roman orgy. Paul asked me to turn down all invitations so he could spend time alone with Linda. I did, but a leggy young starlet named Peggy Lipton, who had met Paul during their last America tour and still had designs on him, kept calling all through the night.

And here we find a somewhat indirect connection between The Beatles and Twin Peaks (Peggy Lipton played Norma on TP). That reminds me of a great story, which I can’t necessarily vouch for the truth of, about the time Paul was invited to perform at Queen Elizabeth’s birthday party. Ever-obliging Paul had rehearsed his band for the occasion and was quite excited to perform, but cut to just a few minutes before they were supposed to go on….

Queen: Oh Mr. McCartney, it was just so lovely to see you tonight.

Paul: Well, your highness, I am so delighted that you invited me to help celebrate your birthday. And I’m now going to perform for you 35 minutes of my best works.

Queen: Oh, Mr. McCartney, I’m sorry, but I can’t stay.

Paul: (crushed) But your highness….

Queen: Mr. McCartney, don’t you see? It’s five minutes of eight. I must go upstairs and watch Twin Peaks.

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