If my calculations are correct, today marked the first time that the Fab Four recorded a song written by a Beatle not named John, Paul, or George. The working title was “Ringo’s Song,” then “This Is Some Friendly” — which is odd, as the idea had been germinating for five years already, and as far back as 1963 it had been called “Don’t Pass Me By.”

“Don’t Pass Me By” is not among many people’s favorite Beatles songs, but it’s nice that they finally gave Ringo a chance. The basic rhythm track recorded today consisted of Ringo’s drums and Paul on piano; says The Beatles Bible,

At the end of the third attempt McCartney exclaimed “I think that’s got it!,” followed by Starr’s call to the control room, “I think we’ve got something there, George!”

More drums, a sleigh bell and a cowbell were then overdubbed onto take three. McCartney also double-tracked his first piano part, this time feeding the sound through a Leslie rotating speaker.

History does not record if George Martin was heard to say, “More sleigh bell!”

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