This was a big day in the life of John Lennon, who held a band meeting in the afternoon to make an important announcement: After taking acid the previous night, he had realized that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

This must have been confusing because, you know, who was bigger than who now? But the other Beatles apparently took in John’s latest bulletin without batting an eyelash, then made plans for lunch. The major development of the day came later.

John had sent his wife, Cynthia, off on holiday to Greece with Magic Alex, Donovan, and Jenny Boyd. He was hanging out at home with old friend Pete Shotton when he decided, apparently spontaneously, to invite Yoko over.

“Yoko Ono?” Shotton was dumbfounded. He’d seen her around, as something of a mysterious figure on the periphery of the Beatles’ entourage, but never saw John raise so much as an eyebrow in her direction. “I didn’t know that you fancied her. You never said anything about her.”

“I don’t know if I fancy her,” John replied, “but there is something about her that I like.” (Bob Spitz, The Beatles)

Yoko was game. After an awkward getting-acquainted interval they made their way to John’s attic music room, where he played her “all the tapes that I’d made, all this far-out stuff, some comedy stuff, and some electronic music.” Then they decided to record something together.1

“It was midnight when we finished,” said John, “and then we made love at dawn. It was very beautiful.”

And that was that. John and Yoko were together from then on. Deal with it.

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