Today John and Paul flew to New York, where they had scheduled a round of appearances to promote the launch of Apple Records in the States. This was their first joint1trip to America since their last concert at Candlestick, and quite possibly the last time they spent a substantial amount of time together sans wives and girlfriends. At this point John was winding things up with Cynthia and Paul’s engagement with Jane Asher was on the rocks; but the Yoko-and-Linda era was looming, and things would be different once it began.

John and Paul were not alone, of course. Magic Alex was there, because Magic Alex was always around during this period. There he is standing between the two Beatles, looking rather put out. I believe that’s Mal Evans on the right, and Neil Aspinall and Derek Taylor were also along for the ride.

This trip would not end up being terribly successful, for several reasons that we’ll get into later. But at least they looked good.


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