Today Ringo and the missus arrived back in London after making the arduous journey from Rishikesh to Dehli and then enduring a 20-hour flight. When asked about his time in India, Ringo said that it was “a bit like Butlin’s.”

To British people, this would have made perfect sense. In the UK Butlin’s is extremely well known; the list of cultural references on its Wikipedia page includes Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who, and the movie of Tommy. But to us Americans Ringo’s remark is rather cryptic.

For those who don’t know (like me, two minutes ago), Butlin’s is, Wikipedia says,

A chain of large holiday camps in the United Kingdom… founded by Billy Butlin to provide affordable holidays for ordinary British families. Between 1936 and 1966, ten camps were built, including one in Ireland and one in the Bahamas. In the 1970s and 1980s, Butlins also operated numerous large hotels, including one in Spain, a number of smaller holiday parks in England and France, and a revolving restaurant in the Post Office Tower in London.

Butlin’s is still a going concern, though somewhat scaled down from its heyday; you can visit its website at butlins.com if you’re looking for an affordable family holiday in Minehead, Skegness, or Bognor Regis. Mention Ringo’s name and you may get a discount.

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