Today, I think, must have been an especially fun day to be a Beatle.

The four Fabs had gathered at Abbey Road to make a promotional film for their upcoming single, “Lady Madonna.” But rather than spend the day miming to the existing track, they decided to go ahead and record something.

John had a little number he had been playing around with, something about a bullfrog. Paul helped him finish it off and in the process the bullfrog changed into a bulldog (had it remained in its original form, it would have made a nice addition to the roster of rock songs about bullfrogs; see also “Jeremiah was a…”).

The song was then rehearsed, recorded, and mixed in one marathon session with the cameras rolling. As a result we have this:

Which, if you ask me, is just an absolute delight. Paul and John sharing a microphone, goofing around; George trying to remember how the song goes; Ringo looking every bit the professional drummer in a gold tie. It’s The Beatles, man, making music and having a good time; what’s better than that?

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