This was a very memorable day for two of the girls who were hanging around outside the EMI Studios on Abbey Road as The Beatles worked on “Across the Universe” inside. After John added his lead vocals, he and Paul decided that some female harmonies would be nice. Knowing that there was always a crowd of girls on hand, Paul went outside and auditioned singers until he found two that were suitable. They were then invited inside to sing on the new Beatles song.

One was a 16-year-old Brazilian named Lizzie Bravo. In an interview with the BBC years later, she said,

We were outside the studio as usual. Paul simply came outside and asked if any of us could hold a high note. I immediately raised my arm, as I was a soprano at my school choir back in Rio de Janeiro….

The four of them were there recording this song. All of a sudden I was hearing instructions from Paul and John about the part they needed us to sing. I was sharing the same microphone as Paul and John.

Can you imagine?

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