Today George Harrison finished recording Wonderwall Music, a project which he had quite enjoyed and perhaps gotten a little carried away with. Sez Wikipedia,

Having been allocated a budget of £600, Harrison eventually spent £15,000 on recording the film soundtrack, paying the difference himself.

After this stint calling the shots and running the show (not to mention paying the bills), it must have been a bit of a comedown to go back to being the third most powerful Beatle (T–Ringo Starr).

Wonderwall Music was the first Beatle solo album and also the first release on Apple Records. But despite its historic importance, it remains to this day somewhat obscure; web searches for the word “Wonderwall” will turn up many results for the Oasis song — one of many Beatle references/ripoffs by that famously Beatle-obsessed (and in their own deluded minds, Beatle-competitive) band — and several covers thereof before you see anything about George’s album or the movie.

For the record, the official The Beatles Plus 50 policy is: Blur, si; Oasis, no. But since this is not super-relevant to any discussion of events in 1968, that’s all for now.

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