Today George conducted another Wonderwall session, again at EMI Recording Studios in Bombay, and this time he had invited a camera crew to document it. I think that is what we have here, despite the somewhat confusing provenance of this clip:

It’s not much, I know — 41 seconds of silent footage — though I do rather enjoy the guy smirking over George’s right shoulder. You might try playing it simultaneously with this, which may or may not have been the song they were working on:

According to Harrison biographer Alan Clayson, it was a new experience for the Indian musicians to work within the Western rules of harmony, creating some interesting tensions and textures. I am not musicologist enough to fully comprehend. I find Wonderwall Music pleasant enough to listen to, but being almost entirely instrumental, it rather tries my fleeting attention span. I suppose an actual viewing of the movie is in order, to see how it works in context. Perhaps this weekend. Anyone?

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