It was a busy day at EMI Studios today: “All You Need Is Love” and “Lucy in the Sky Diamonds” were remixed for use in the Yellow Submarine movie; a sound effects tape was made, also for YS; Paul added bass to “Hello Goodbye”; and a stereo mix of “The Fool on the Hill” was created.

But all that’s rather dull, so I’d like to take a second to note something I missed earlier: the first issue of Rolling Stone, which had a cover date of November 9, 1967, but was printed in mid-October and looked like this:

That’s Mr. Lennon on the cover, of course, as he appeared in the movie How I Won the War. Also, apparently, the Jefferson Airplane was too high to make an album — this is news?

50 years later, Rolling Stone appears to be in its death throes. Founder Jann Wenner recently put it up for sale, and even if it survives in some form, its days of relevance are long in the past. But it had a nice run.

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