In my haste to finish up so I could go hobnob with some of my favorite readers, I skipped right the fact that there was a recording session yesterday after the film editing work. It was in this session that they laid down the first proper takes of Paul’s song “The Fool in the Hill,” which he had demoed back on September 6. Some Japanese journalists had been invited and The Beatles Bible says that “this is believed to be the first Beatles recording session attended by Yoko Ono,” but I can’t find any other source that even mentions it. So, um, maybe?

Today there was more film editing and more recording for “Fool.” It’s fairly amazing how much work The Beatles — especially Paul — put in during this period, with long editing and/or recording sessions taking place almost every day for the next couple months. I wonder if the death of Brian Epstein, himself only 32, might have given them a sense of their own mortality and spurred them into increased productivity.

What’s even more amazing is that after laboring so long and so hard on assembling the MMT movie, they still produced such a piece of absolute twaddle. Is there a better movie lurking somewhere among the 10 hours of raw footage? It’s almost hard to believe there isn’t, but who knows? Maybe some well-connected Beatles obsessive of the future will find out for us.

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