At this point I think everyone’s ready for the Magical Mystery Tour to be over. It seemed like it was going to be fun at first, but it’s been dragging on for way too long, which is pretty much how people feel about 29 minutes into the movie’s 52-minute running time. And since I will be in a computer-free environment for the next few days, let’s try to wrap this up.

The filming sequence for these dates goes something like this:

Sept. 21: The scene with the drill sergeant played by Victor Spinetti:

Sept. 22: The early scene where Ringo buys his ticket from John in a big fake mustache:

Sept. 23: The “I Am the Walrus” video:

Sept. 24: The “Your Mother Should Know” dance scene:

By the end of the week, they had 10 hours of footage in the can. On Monday they’d start editing; that shouldn’t take too long, should it?



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