The good news is that, almost two months after their last session, The Beatles were finally back in the studio today — although that studio was not Abbey Road, but the independent Chappell Recording Studios.

The bad news is that the song they were working on was one of their lesser efforts: “Your Mother Should Know,” a rooty-tooty Paul number seemingly aimed at those who simply couldn’t get enough of “When I’m 64.” Situated between “Blue Jay Way” and “I Am the Walrus” on the Magical Mystery Tour album, “YMSK” stands out like a sore thumb — or, more to the point, like a regular, everyday thumb among a collection of mutants.

Truth be told, pretty much all of Paul’s contributions to MMT were resolutely backward-looking, as if he were single-handedly trying to pull rock music away from psychedelic strangeness and back to old-fashioned songcraft. I am forced once again to quote the wise words of William S. Burroughs: “Evolutionarily speaking, the one way you cannot go is back. It’s the law.”

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