Stranded on the Greek mainland until their boat arrived, The Beatles and co. decided to make the most of it and take in some of the local flavor. They got maybe more than they bargained for. In the afternoon, Paul, Jane, and Neil Aspinall were forced to walk to the nearest village for help when the taxi they were riding in caught fire due to the extreme heat.

Later, the group intended to take in a performance of a play by Aeschylus at the theatre at Delphi. Unfortunately, according to aide Alistair Taylor, “We came round a corner of the peaceful road only to find hundreds of photographers clicking away at us.” Magic Alex, it seems, had publicized their visit, and even the cradle of civilization was not immune to Beatlemania.

So in the end they skipped the play and headed back to town, shaking their fists in the air and shouting “Curse you, Magic Alex!”

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