There was more work today on “It’s All Too Much,” again at De Lane Lea Studios, with George Harrison recording a lead vocal and John and Paul adding backing vocals and handclaps.

Over the weekend I played this song for some friends and they made an obvious point that I neglected to mention in the previous post: “It’s All Too Much” is completely in thrall to Jimi Hendrix, right from that opening chord. After a long period of trying to be Ravi Shankar, George now had a new role model. In fact, it’s quite possible that De Lane Lea was chosen for this session because parts of Are You Experienced had been recorded there.

I also forgot to mention the line ”With your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue,” which is a quote from the song “Sorrow,” originally recorded by American band the McCoys (featuring Rick Derringer on guitar). George was probably referencing the cover version by the Merseys, which had reached number 4 on the UK charts in 1966. David Bowie later recorded a Merseys-derived version for Pin Ups and performed the song on the 1980 Floor Show.

And enough of all that trivia. We’re all just kind of holding our breath here until tomorrow. In 1967, that was when Sgt. Pepper came out and the world tilted slightly off its axis; in 2017, it will be a big day for Beatle fans, not to mention Game 1 of the NBA Finals — which probably doesn’t matter to you, but matters a lot to me and others like me. So I’m going to go sign off, go walk around in the sun, and try to get my head right for the big day.

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