Paul arrived back in London from his sojourn in the U.S. today, and was immediately besieged by questions about the status of his band. Although it had been only two months since the release of the “Strawberry Fields”/“Penny Lane” single, apparently the relative dearth of Beatles-related news while they holed up in the studio making Sgt. Pepper was freaking people out. Paul’s response:

The Beatles are definitely not splitting up. We have never even thought of splitting up. We want to go on recording together. The Beatles live!

But the next couple of months would continue to be a quiet period while the album was mixed, mastered, and manufactured. It will probably be a quiet period on this blog too, though I will continue to pop up from time to time as we count down to the Summer of Love — now two months and nine days away. I am hoping the summer of 2017 will be a Lovely one as well, and I look forward to spending it with you all.

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