Among the other things that were conceived around this time was “A Day in the Life.” In perusing today’s edition of the Daily Mail, John Lennon noticed two articles in particular; one concerned the inquest into Tara Browne’s death, another had to do with the number of holes in the roads in Blackburn, Lancashire. Two days later he had a song. Paul contributed the bridge and the “I’d love to turn you on” hook, and the rest is history.

In the studio, meanwhile, today marked the last session devoted to “Penny Lane.” (And not a moment too soon.) After David Mason recorded his piccolo trumpet part, the song was quickly mixed and sent off to Capitol Records in the U.S. for distribution to radio stations.

This mix of “Penny Lane” had a seven-note trumpet coda that was subsequently removed. So anyone who heard it was probably slightly perplexed when they later heard the version that appeared on the single. They may have thought they imagined it, but it is real:


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