The record tells us that Paul McCartney and George Harrison went to see Donovan play at the Royal Albert Hall in London today. (At this time it was not yet known how many holes it took to fill the Albert Hall; one could only speculate.) According to Wikipedia Donovan was “accompanied by a ballerina who danced during a 12-minute performance of ‘Golden Apples.’”

Donovan’s story intersects with that of The Beatles at many points, the most recent being just a few days ago. As of January 1967 his most recent album was Sunshine Superman and his latest single was “Mellow Yellow,” which had been released in October 1966 (and supposedly featured Paul on backing vocals). He was in the process of recording what would become the double album A Gift from a Flower to a Garden, which preceded The Beatles’ double album by more than a year. We’ll see Donovan again on February 10th, when he is one of the guests in the studio for the recording of the orchestral section of “A Day in the Life.”

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, your humble scribe (DOB 10/15/1967) was conceived somewhere right about now. On the whole, I think this was a good idea.

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