Today more overdubs were recorded for “Penny Lane” — flutes and trumpets, to be exact — with George Martin and Paul McCartney supervising. John Lennon, his technical limitations notwithstanding, was in the control room operating the machinery.

In my own mind I have pretty much exhausted the topic of “Penny Lane,” but the goal for today is to squeeze 150 more words out of it. Is “rooty-tooty” one word or two?

“Penny Lane” itself is 234 words, according to the text analysis program I ran the lyrics through. 8 of them are “Penny” and 8 more are “Lane.” There are actually only 104 unique words in the song; words that only appear once include “motorcar,” “hourglass,” and “roundabout.” The most commonly occurring words are “in” (17), “the” (17) and “and” (14).

Here for your amusement is a short poem inspired by the way the words fell in the analysis:

From barber behind very rain

Strange with clean fireman

She sit pouting pocket pies

And I know what you’re saying: That’s not writing, that’s typing. But screw it, it’s Monday.

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