After leaving Anchorage, The Beatles had a long flight to Tokyo. In fact they did not land until early June 30th, so somewhere in there a whole day goes missing.

I’m not sure how they entertained themselves in the interim, but I do know that the Beatles had a fondness for certain card and board games. According to Bob Spitz’s Beatles biography, during the 1964 tour,

Paul and Ringo conducted an ongoing poker game with a revolving cast of hard-core news guys, while John and George hustled Art Schreiber in many a “cutthroat game” of Monopoly. “Lennon was a fiend, and extremely competitive,” Schreiber remembers. “He got so keyed up over the damn game, he had to stand up to roll the dice.” And he stayed at it, racking up properties and plastic hotels until he was satisfied that he’d prevail. “I’d be falling asleep, and John would be tugging at me, saying, ‘Art, Art, hey, man, it’s your turn.’”

Yeah, all you need is love…and a hotel on Park Place. That’ll be $1500, sucker.

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