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Today, according to historical records, was the 4th anniversary of the first Beatles recording session. (A while back I stated, per Geoff Emerick, that the studio where they recorded was known as “EMI Studios” until 1970, as as “Abbey Road” only thereafter. However, every single other source I’ve consulted calls it “Abbey Road” throughout. So now I don’t know what to think. Was Emerick out of his mind? Or is it just the kind of detail that most people don’t spend time thinking about?)

On June 6, 1966, the only recording was a vocal overdub by Paul for “Eleanor Rigby.” According to The Beatles Bible, George Martin wanted him to “sing ‘Ah, look at all the lonely people’ as a counterpoint during the final verse.”

A considerable amount of mixing was also done, producing versions of “And Your Bird Can Sing,” “For No One,” “I’m Only Sleeping,” and “Tomorrow Never Knows.” But mixing, let’s face it, is boring. So instead I’d like to talk about a somewhat more glamorous day in Beatles history: when The Beatles met Muhammad Ali, who passed away this weekend (2016 time) at the age of 74.

As far I can tell, the only time he met The Beatles was on February 18, 1964, just before his first fight with Sonny Liston. This has inspired me to experiment with extending this blog backwards in time — in other words, into a year before 1966. Because I can and why not? So read a piece on Ali and The Beatles here.


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