Released on this day: Ram, the first and last album credited to Paul and Linda McCartney as a duo. And there are all sorts of cheap jokes I could make about that cover art — which seems almost to be begging for it — but out of respect for the still-living Beatle and his late beloved wife, I shall refrain.

I have a fraught relationship with Paul’s Seventies work. I find McCartney lazily charming and, like all the earliest solo Beatle records, still dusted with a little sprinkle of that Fab Four magic. I think Band on the Run is a borderline masterpiece. But I also have unpleasant childhood memories of being tortured by dreck like “Silly Love Songs” and “Listen to What the Man Said,” which I hate in that special way you can only hate songs that were played on AM radio again and again when you were in the back seat and had no control over the radio.

So it is with trepidation that I approach anything on the more syrupy side of the McCartney 1970s Spectrum — which is, let’s be honest, a lot of it. As a result I have never to this day listened to Ram in its entirety, so I decided to join an online listening party beginning at 10 AM Pacific Time, and I will try to document it in something like real time.

Too Many People
I know that this song is supposed to have pissed John off and inspired him to write “How Do You Sleep?” And sure, some of the lyrics could be interpreted as veiled shots at Mr. Lennon…

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