“It was one April Fool’s joke which did not come off.”
—Peter Bown, recording engineer

I am informed that, what with The Difficulties and all, April Fool’s Day is cancelled this year. Which is fine with me; where’s the fun in pranking people when they know it’s coming? So everything in this post will be true and factual, so far as I know.

On this day there was a recording session for Let It Be, supervised by Phil Spector, at Abbey Road. Mark Lewisohn describes it this way:

The overdub of lavish orchestral and choral tracks onto “Across the Universe,” “The Long and Winding Road,” and “I Me Mine.” It was the very last recording session for a Beatles album, and it featured the work of a real-life Beatle: Ringo, who played drums on all three songs to augment the orchestra.

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