George Martin, say the Super Deluxe Liner Notes, thought that take 9 of “Here Comes the Sun” was good enough, and was ready to proceed to adding overdubs. But The Beatles — which I’m guessing means George (whose song it was) and/or Paul (who was bossy and perfectionist on G.P.) — thought they could do better.

And they were right; the band was not quite as tight and George’s vocal was not quite as good on take 9 as on take 13, which forms the basis of the finished song we know and love. But it’s interesting to hear the track without overdubs, just George on vocals and guitar, Paul on bass, and Ringo on drums.

Although we don’t necessarily think of “Here Comes the Sun” as a big production number, a lot of stuff was added later: Moog, harmonium, violas, cellos, double bass, piccolos, flutes, and clarinets. Just for reference, here’s what the finished version sounds like:

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