The last song on Ringo is not just the best closer of the 1973 solo albums but, for my money, one of the all-time great final tracks. To a bouncy musical backing supplied by Beatle George (longtime Beatle fixer Mal Evans is credited as co-writer; I assume he was involved with the words and/or concept), Ringo addresses the listener like a date who is being given a nice kiss at the end of the night:

For you and me, babe, it’s time that we part
And between you, babe, I gave you my heart
For these few moments
I wish we could start at the top again

For me and you, babe, it’s the end of our date
Me and the band, babe, all thought it was great
To entertain you
But it’s getting late and it’s time to leave

He seems sincere, if somewhat condescending:

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