The most important songs on any album are the first and the last. On a vinyl record, the third most important is the first one on the B side. If your listener has to get up and flip the disc over, you want to give them something to make it worth their while.

I’m not sure that any of the three albums currently under discussion here meet that standard. Ringo’s “My Oh My” is a cookie-cutter number that goes on for way longer than it should:

Paul’s “Mamunia,” likewise, stretches out a pretty thin idea for what seems like half an hour, though in objective time it is a little under five minutes:

And John’s “Intuition” sounds like it was written by an AI that someone told to create a Lennon song that sounds like UB40. And no, I do not mean that as a compliment:

Since it seems like I have nothing nice to say about these, let’s make this brief. As you were.

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