Today’s 50th anniversary of the release of Imagine snuck up on me. Because we live in the weird world of 2021, I was tipped off by a Twitter account supposedly belonging to Dr. Johnny Fever of WKRP fame. (I doubt Howard Hesseman is actually involved… but you never know.)

It seems to have snuck up on a lot of people. Rolling Stone has nothing. Where is the fulsome paean by Rob Sheffield? I feel a bit cheated. And the 50th anniversary edition on “Exclusive White Coloured Vinyl” is still only available for pre-order; not that I plan to spend money on it. ($50 for two LPs? How do you sleep at night?)

Were John still around, he might well be asking who gives a flying fook about some anniversary, and pimping whatever his latest project is. Would he still be making music? Writing books? Painting? Selling a bespoke cannabis blend called “Strawberry Fields Forever”? We’ll never know. And Mark David Chapman is still sucking air. It’s not right, I tell you.

Well, let’s wrap this up. As perhaps is obvious, I am in a bit of a mood today. (And the electricity just cut out for an hour as I was trying to finish this.) So “Crippled Inside” is the track that is resonating. I found a nifty little video, complete with Spanish subtitles and the only footage I’ve ever seen of Lennon playing basketball. Take it, Johnny.

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