Listening through the All Things Must Pass deluxe edition, after a bunch of early versions of familiar songs, the first entirely new (to me anyway) tune is this one.

It’s a hoot. Harrison does his best Presley as he talks about life at his recently acquired country estate. One gets the impression that he would rather ride around stoned in the back of his limo than get to work fixing the place up:

No curtains on my windows
No paint up on my door
No food up on the table
And no carpets on the floor

Goin’ down to Golders Green
Goin’ down to Golders Green
Goin’ down to Golders Green in my limousine

It’s always nice when George flashes his sense of humor. I especially like this verse, which puts a playful spin on his holier-than-thou persona:

Well, the neighbours, they all know me
Smilin’ when I pass
But when it comes to Sunday, well, I’m the only one at mass

You can see why “Golders Green” was left off the album; it sounds more like an afternoon’s fuckaround than a finished composition. It may even have been written in the limo, George strumming his guitar and giggling his ass off as the squares glower at the rich hippie in their midst.

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