It’s Ringo’s birthday today. It seems like it was just Ringo’s birthday a few weeks ago, but I guess that was last year. It’s been a weird time and I feel like the last year or so shouldn’t count against any of our lifespans; maybe Joe Biden could issue an executive order to that effect?

Had I written about Ringo’s bday last year, I would have noted that he was the first Beatle to turn 30. That was a big deal back then, when you weren’t supposed to trust anyone over 29. But I feel like Ringo’s milestone may have been the beginning of the end of that idea — cause who isn’t going to trust Ringo, however old he is?

1971 was a pretty good year for Ringo — it saw the release of his first real solo hit, “It Don’t Come Easy,” which made it to #4 in both the US and UK. There is some debate over who actually wrote this song; though Ringo is officially credited with full authorship, the existence of a solo George Harrison demo of the song argues otherwise. Probably that was just George being nice, but in any case, it’s a hell of a tune.


50 years later we find that it is now 7/7/21 — surely an auspicious day if ever there was one — and that Ringo, now a fabulous-looking 81, would like us all to take a moment at noon to say “Peace and Love.” If Ringo thinks it’s a good idea, I for one am willing to trust him.

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