As one looks back on the decade just ending, one feels reflective. But also one feels tired, very tired. I don’t think I’m alone in this. It’s not necessarily a bad tired. A dream of a better future is still possible, I think.

We’ll close this year with a few words from Richard DiLello’s The Longest Cocktail Party. Merry New Year, everybody.


We’ve released fourteen singles and nine LPs this year. We’ve sold millions of records and raked in millions of dollars, undergone massive changes inn our internal plumbing and ideology, been up and down and up again and we’re still going….

It’s been a year jammed with so many events that most of them are lost forever. If you wanted, I suppose, there’s quite a lot you could get sentimental about but tears distort the real picture and they taste salty besides. John and Yoko are kissing off the old year with a worldwide peace event with enormous billboards erected in twelve cities around the world reading “War Is Over If You Want It.” Ringo’s in a TV special on Christmas Eve about George Martin called With a Little Help from My Friends, has made another film and almost finished his solo LP. George is producing three different artists and Paul is taking time off and there’s a whisper that he’s also making a solo LP. There’s not much to say, except that it’s been beautiful…”

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