Back on July 21, The Beatles had recorded eight takes of “Come Together.” Take 6 was the one overdubbed for the album; take 1 appeared on Anthology 3; and the Abbey Road Deluxe Edition includes take 5.

The vocal on this one is clearly not up to snuff; John’s voice sounds hoarse and cracks a couple of times. But it’s worth a listen for the before- and after-song chatter, and because the bass is less prominent in the mix you can actually hear John quite distinctly saying “shoot me”:

In the bridge, where the guitar solo would go later, John semi-randomly reprises some of the words. (Cutting this part was a good call.) Soon after that the take breaks down, and the boys begin to banter, sounding tired and confused:

John: He’s got early warning, he’s got Doris Duckers (??).

Paul: Early warning?

John: Yes. A man like him would have it.

Paul: (unintelligible)

John: He’s got teenage lyrics, he’s got hot rod baldy….

(Paul noodles on bass)

John: Ugh… I’m losing my cool.

George (?): You could shave, man.

Amazingly enough, the take right after this one was the keeper. One wonders if maybe they had a little pick-me-up in between, whatever that may have been for them at the time. Somehow or other, anyway, John got his cool back.

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