Today Ringo went into EMI Studios to re-record “Octopus’s Garden” for the upcoming George Martin TV special. Martin had prepared a mix of the song that retained only drums, rhythm guitar, backing vocals and bubble sound effects; new parts were then added by Ringo and a cast of anonymous session musicians.

I have been unable to find this recording, which is maybe just as well, as it was probably terrible. But I did find a version from the Muppet Show, so let’s go with that instead:

Also, I’d like to share with you a hilarious passage from an interview with Pete Townshend I just read in the NYT Magazine. Happy Sunday, everybody.

Townshend: I remember having a conversation with George Harrison about how he could reconcile following Krishna with his having to lay out lines of coke in order to talk about Krishna with me.

Interviewer: What did he say?

Townshend: I can’t remember, but I do remember being convinced by his incredibly elegant answer!

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